Student registration closed Tom Veldkamp
Rector Magnificus University of Twente

"Perhaps, you have already mapped out your route. You know that, after graduation, you want to work for a large tech company or government. Or want you want to be your own boss. Or you want to be a scientist. Perhaps, you still keep all options open. In all cases, the Business Days Twente will help you with your choices. It is the best way to get in contact with potential employers!"

Vinod Subramaniam
President Executive Board University of Twente

"If you’re still in the process of exploring what sort of job you want after you graduate, you probably would like to have a good look at each company you’re interested in - experience the atmosphere, discover the company culture, get to know the type of people working there. OK, you’ve already checked a website, a brochure, or maybe an annual report. But in order to prepare yourself really well, you’d like to speak to the people and get to know what makes them enthusiastic about their workplace. That is exactly what Business Days Twente are for! Who knows, you could discover companies that aren’t yet on your list. Make use of the opportunities for real contact!"

Theo Bovens
Mayor of Enschede

"The Business Days Twente emphasise the power of connection. Networking and collaborating to achieve something special. It has shaped Twente into a facilitator for new companies with plenty of room for talent and innovation. Get inspired and discover what this region has to offer!"

Eddy van Hijum
Deputy of the Province Overijssel

“Your study completed, and now? For 38 years, the Business Days Twente have been an exellent occassion for researchers or starters to meet the business community, even though this might happen digitally in 2022 due to the corona measurements. Overijssel has surprisingly many nice companies to kick-start your career. Conversely, this event is a fantastic opportunity for Overijssel en Twente business life to get in touch with young, highly educated people with fresh ideas. And that is much needed. Only by innovating do companies remain profitable and can they survive. A new generation high-tech graduates is therefor indispensable!”

Anne-Wil Lucas
Director of Kennispark

"The Business Days are a good opportunity for students to get in contact with potential employers and, for example, companies offering internships or thesis projects. As the director of Kennispark, I am delighted to see that the Business Days focus more and more on showing what great companies Twente has. A good way to keep talent in Twente."