The biggest student career event of the Netherlands

5 February 2024 – 29 March 2024

Our event is the perfect opportunity to meet new companies! During our biggest event, the Career Fair, there are over 170 companies to meet. Besides, you can develop yourself during our Workshop Weeks or meet your favourite companies during the Company Experience Weeks. Best of all, all our activities are completely without charge!


Workshop Weeks

During the Workshop Weeks we offer a variety of different workshops, such as learning how to deliver an amazing application or how to win every negotiation. Additionally, we offer workshops aiming to improve your time management or help discover your personal skills.

Application deadline 19 February 2024

Company Experience Weeks

Are you interested in a specific company? Get to know your possible future employer through participating in different activities during the Company Experience Weeks. Think of Craft Beer Tasting with VDL, a training session with Neways or a Cocktail workshop with NEDAP.

Application deadline 19 February 2024