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The 36th board of Foundation Business Days Twente

Lisa van Disseldorp - Chairman
Rianne Dalhuisen - Secretary & Public Relations official
Thom Rikken - Treasurer
Jasper Sustronk - Officer of Acquisition
Nieck Saris - Logistics official & Vice-chairman
Charlotte van der Meulen - Publications official

Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board supervises the board of the Business Days Twente. There are no more than nine places in the Supervisory Board, represented by study associations, the Student Union and old board members of the Business Days Twente. The members of the Supervisory Board have the following responsibilities:

• The appointment and dismissal of Business Days Twente board members;
• The approving or rejecting the policy plan, the budget plan and the (financial) annual report;
• To monitor policy and board issues of the Business Days Twente;
• The approval or rejection of changes to the regulations and articles of the Business Days Twente.

It may happen that a problem arises between the Business Days Twente and an external party. Of course, it will first be attempted to resolve this between themselves. If both parties do not agree, they can inform the Supervisory Board individually or together. For individual issues regarding the selection process of participants, contact can be made with the Acquisition Official.

You can contact the Supervisory Board by the input field on the right.