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The Opening Week

The Business Days are here! That’s the message we’ll be broadcasting to all students during the Opening Week. As there won’t be any contact with the companies yet, the main focus will be on kicking off this year’s event. This will be done through multiple fantastic events, like the Kick-Off, a lunch lecture and more! We’ll also be happy to provide the possibility to register for all the activities and some very exclusive gadgets.

Monday the 3rd and Tuesday the 4th of February

The Kick-Off marks the start of the Business Days Twente! The Kick-Off is a two days event on the O&O square at the University of Twente. While enjoying a large variety of free snacks, you can take a look at the program of the upcoming event. When you see workshops or activities from companies which are in line with your interests and ambitions, you can sign-up for these activities in the registration tent. If you have any questions, there are Activists to help you out. The Kick-Off will be a two days event, so don't be bummed if you can't come by on Monday!

When: Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of February
Where: O&O-square

Lunchlecture by Maarten van der Weijden
Thursday the 6th of February

In previous years, Humberto Tan, André Kuipers, Jan Peter Balkenende, and other big names have spoken at our lunch lecture. Afterward, a free lunch will be served for every attendee.

When: Thursday 6th of February, 12:40 - 13:30
Where: Waaier 1 & Waaier 2

You can visit the lunch lecture without registration. The lecture will be in English and lunch will be included!