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Bedrijvendagen becomes Business Days!

The 36th edition of the Bedrijvendagen Twente ended rather abruptly, due to COVID-19, but behind the scenes, the board has still been busy the last months. We have been preparing an important change for our Foundation. During the last 36 years, people have known our event as the Bedrijvendagen Twente. As of today, we will go ahead as Business Days Twente.

Why, might you think? In recent years, most of the study programs at the University of Twente have changed their language from Dutch to English with as a result an increase of international students on campus. This has also resulted in more international students that are participating in our events to prepare for their future careers. Each year we are very enthusiastic about reaching out to as many students as possible, to whom we can lend a helping hand. One thing that often comes up during conversations with students is that non-Dutch students have no clue what we do because they don’t know what our name means – obviously since it’s in Dutch. We feel it’s important to make everyone at the aware of the opportunities our Foundation holds for them and want to make our goal clear to all possible participants and have therefore decided to change our name to an English version: Business Days Twente. This does not mean that our goal changes, this still remains the same. We will continue to strive to bring students and companies into contact with each other.

Having said this, we hope to welcome you to next year’s very first edition of the Business Days Twente!