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Meet University of Twente's talents!

Participation in the Business Days Twente gives you the ultimate opportunity to meet students of the University of Twente: being down-to-Earth, they are known for their entrepreneurship skills and their decisiveness. As they are also very keen team players, they sure are a valuable asset to your company. Our target is to connect students to companies, aiming to give everyone a perfect match.

Offering a vast variety of activities

We offer a vast variety of activities, to help you adapt your meeting with the students to your company’s needs. The Career Fair is the biggest part of the Business Days, with 140 stands where companies showcase themselves: for the students, this is an easy way to get to know you as a company, whereas the meeting possibilities between student and company intensify later on in the event. As a company, you can get involved by partaking in company dinners, company lunches, one-on-one conversations, informal recruitment activities or organizing training sessions.

Students are selected by you!

Although students will apply for participation in the various activities, you will be able to make a selection of students you deem may be interesting for your company, based on their resumes. This gives you the possibility to choose who will participate in your activities, making the chance of getting a perfect match even greater.

A wide range

Apart from a large variety of technical studies, the University of Twente offers non-technical studies like Psychology, Communication Science and European Public Administrations, which means that you’ll be likely to find suitable students among them. Each year, the Career Fair is visited by about 2,000 students; in short, participating in the Business Days, gives you the chance to reach a wide range of students.

We'll arrange everything

Because the search for capable employees can be a challenging task, we’ll try to make your task as easy as possible. After you have made your selection of students, we’ll initiate and maintain contact with the students, and make sure the selected students will be present on your activities. We’ll also make sure all locations and other required facilities are arranged perfectly, so you won’t have to worry about it and are able to focus completely on finding your perfect match.