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  • We are TWD – an engineering company that is young at heart, open for changes, and fun to work for. Every day we contribute to the energy transition and key infrastructure projects worldwide. Our core businesses focus on method engineering and equipment design services.


    Company overview

    Making an impact on accelerating the energy transition and key infrastructures worldwide. Simplicity is in our DNA. We have developed an effective design method to maximize construction workability through customized solutions. One example is the unique installation equipment (i.e. monopile gripper, upend tool and sea fastening structures) we created for Belgium’s largest offshore wind farm - SeaMade. Thanks to the simple and optimized design, our client was able to install the SeaMade foundations at record speed. Thanks to our attention to development, fun, and happy clients, we are scaling up rapidly in the past decade. At this moment, we are operating at 3 locations in Europe (Rotterdam, London, and Athens) and we have over 200 employees.

    Branche Other
    Number of employees 200
    Number of countries 3
    Number of offices 3
    What does the company has to offer? Graduation assignment, Internship, Job, Inhouseday, Working Student
    Region Domestic (Netherlands), Western Europe


    Marconistraat 16
    3029 AK Rotterdam