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  • At Stedin, there is ’Genoeg te Doen’! Whether you are looking for an internship, a traineeship or a graduate position. Stedin offers a variety of internships in different working areas: from IT to finance. You will get enough opportunities to develop yourself to the fullest.


    Company overview

    Working together to create an environment filled with new energy.

    Stedin is the grid operator of most of the Randstad area. We transport energy 24/7 while we are in the middle of the energy transition. These and other smaller challenges are tackled together with our stakeholders. Alongside municipalities, industries, hospitals and the enormous Rotterdam Port, we are developing a sustainable energy system that will be reliable and affordable in the long term. We are constantly working in order to find the most efficient and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges with regard to the energy transition. Together we will develop a sustainable energy system that we can pass on from generation to generation. So, as we say in The Netherlands: ‘Genoeg te Doen’. Are you in?
    Branche Energy
    Number of employees 3500
    Number of academics 600
    Number of traineeships 10
    Number of countries 1
    Number of offices 9
    What does the company has to offer? Graduation assignment, Internship, Traineeship, Job
    Region Domestic (Netherlands)


    Blaak 8
    3011 TA Rotterdam