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    Do you know us?
    Working at the Rijksoverheid means making the Netherlands a better place, by contributing to a just, entrepreneurial, and sustainable society. A society where everyone has the liberty and safety to develop themselves. Do you want to make this contribution? If you do, we have a lot to offer. For example: good employment terms and, more importantly, a challenging work environment with many possibilities to develop yourself. Discover the many dimensions of the Rijksoverheid and how to start your career with us. The Rijksoverheid is part of the government and exists, among other things, of our 11 cabinets in The Hague, the executive offices in these cabinets, and the High Council of State. The Rijksoverheid has about 119.000 employees, spread out over The Netherlands and abroad.

    Do we know you?
    The challenges for the Netherlands are big. This is why the Rijksoverheid needs the best computer scientists, engineers and other tech-minded graduates to take up these challenges. Graduates have the possibility to apply for one of our many traineeships. During a traineeship, you combine a compelling job with high-level education and you work in many different fields within the Rijksoverheid. It is possible to join us for an internship or graduation project with any study background. Did you just graduate at an academic level and do you want to make the Netherlands a better place? As a state-trainee, you have the possibility to work in different fields that are societally important. Within the two years of your traineeship, you will work in at least three different fields within the Rijksoverheid.

    Getting to know each other & applying
    On our website you can find more information about working at the Rijksoverheid.

    Branche Public Administration
    Number of employees 128000
    Number of academics 3500
    Number of traineeships 4000
    What does the company has to offer? Bachelor assignment, Graduation assignment, Internship, Traineeship, Job, Inhouseday, Internship Abroad