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    Company overview

    We are a global rail consultancy providing technical expertise, assurance and specialist engineering services to help clients navigate the industry's operational, commercial and regulatory demands. With capabilities in all disciplines, from rolling stock, signalling and telecommunications, to energy efficiency, safety management and operational planning, we support a client portfolio that ranges from some of the world's largest rail administrations to niche component suppliers. The cornerstone of our business is the diversity of professional backgrounds, technical disciplines and individual outlooks that we offer. We have over 650 rail specialists based either in our own Technical Centres or working directly from client offices, depots and manufacturing sites.

    Branche Consultancy
    Number of employees 200
    Number of academics 150
    Number of traineeships 6
    Number of countries 25
    Number of offices 10
    What does the company has to offer? Graduation assignment, Internship, Traineeship, Job, Orientation, Inhouseday
    Region Local (Eastern Netherlands), Domestic (Netherlands), Western Europe, Russia & Eastern Europe, Asia & Pacific