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Ministerie v. Defensie

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  • Company overview

    The Dutch Armed Forces

    A multidimensional employer
    (The Armed Forces exist to defend the Kingdom of the Netherlands and its interests in the word, and to protect and advance the international rule of war.) The Armed Forces are a multidimensional organization, employing 43,000 militaries and 17,000 civilian staff. Besides the traditional combat functionalities, the Armed Forces employs a wide range of specialties, ranging from logistics to engineering and from medical to information technology. It operates as a team under unique and challenging conditions, throughout the world.

    Military Managers
    Managing all these people is the responsibility of our officers. You could call them our ‘military managers’. For young academics/HBO

    Branche Public Administration
    Number of employees 55000
    Number of academics 1000
    Number of traineeships 100
    Number of countries 20
    Number of offices 30
    What does the company has to offer? Bachelor assignment, Graduation assignment, Internship, Traineeship, Job, Orientation, Inhouseday
    Region Local (Eastern Netherlands), Domestic (Netherlands), Western Europe, Africa