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    Are you interested in management consulting? Our Consultancy Traineeship combines working in multiple challenging projects with valuable investments in your personal and professional development!

    About SeederDeBoer
    SeederDeBoer is a medium-sized management consulting firm based in the Netherlands. Our passion is to help people and organisations grow by implementing their strategy in an efficient and value-driven way. We are mainly active in social organizations, healthcare, public administration and financial services. In these industries we support our clients with complex change processes by delivering expert advice, coaching and adopting the role of programme or project manager. The challenges we tackle for our clients are of a wide variety, usually related to process
    Branche Consultancy
    Number of employees 100
    Number of countries 1
    Number of offices 2
    What does the company has to offer? Traineeship, Job, Orientation
    Region Domestic (Netherlands)