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  • We welcome students from all over the world to join us for internships and graduation assignments at our global headquarters in the Netherlands. Gain hands-on experience and support with ASML scholarships or attend a career event for students and PhD graduates. Learn more at


    Company overview

    ASML is a high-tech company, headquartered in the Netherlands. We manufacture the complex lithography machines that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits, or computer chips. Over 30 years, we have grown from a small startup into a multinational company with over 60 locations in 16 countries and annual net sales of €14.0 billion in 2020.

    Behind ASML’s innovations are engineers who think ahead. The people who work at our company include some of the most creative minds in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanical engineering, software engineering and computer science.

    If you are passionate about technology and want to be a part of progress, visit
    Branche Engineering
    Number of employees 25000
    Number of traineeships 25
    Number of countries 16
    Number of offices 60
    What does the company has to offer? Graduation assignment, Internship, Job, Inhouseday
    Region Local (Eastern Netherlands), Western Europe, Asia & Pacific, Northern America